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Starting from September 23rd, 2023, Saturday

 22:50-23:00 WELCOME ADDRESS

Speaker: Bahadir M. Gulluoglu


 23:00-23:05 Chapter Introduction

Speakers: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

 Session I. Interview with Masters and Promises

Moderators: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

23:05-23:08 Introduction

Speakers: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

23:08-23:23 My journey in oncoplastic breast surgery

Speaker: Douglas MacMillan

Interviewers: Susanna Polotto, Paolo Orsaria

23:23-23:38 How to make it work: A career at the top leading two major scientific societies

Speaker: Isabel Rubio

Interviewers: Susanna Polotto, Antonella Grasso

23:38-23:53 Building my leadership in breast surgery

Speaker: Eirini Pantiora

Interviewers: Giuseppe Catanuto, Nicola Rocco

 23:53-23:58 Mini Break

 Session II. Video Session: NAC-Sparing Mastectomies

Moderators: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

23:58-00:01 Introduction

Speakers: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

00:01-00:16 NAC-sparing mastectomy: Anatomy to guide proper surgery (Video)

Speaker: Alberto Rancati

00:16-00:31 NAC-sparing mastectomy: IMF access (Video)

Speaker: Michael Knauer

00:31-00:46 NAC-sparing mastectomy: S-shaped access (Video)

Speaker: Maurizio B. Nava

00:46-00:56 Discussion

Discussants: Cícero Urban, Burcu Celet Ozden

 140056-01:01 Mini Break

 Session III. Difficult Cases in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Expert Discussion

Moderators: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

01:01-01:05 Introduction

Moderators: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

01:05-01:25 Case I

Chair: Antonella Grasso

Case narrator: Susanna Polotto

Panelists: Stephen McCulley, Andreas Karakatsanis

01:25-01:45 Case II

Chair: Susanna Polotto

Case narrator: Antonella Grasso

Panelists: Douglas MacMillan, Jana de Boniface

 01:45-01:50 Closure

Speakers: Nicola Rocco, Susanna Polotto

 01:50-02:00 BREAK


 02:00-02:03 Opening

Speakers: Yazan Masannat, Ashutosh Kothari

 Session I. Lymphedema & Management

Chairs: Yazan Masannat, Ashutosh Kothari, Jaume Masia

02:03-02:05 Introduction

Speakers: Yazan Masannat, Jaume Masia

02:05-02:20 An overview of the surgical treatment of lymphedema

Speaker: Sinikka Suominen

02:20-02:35 Risk reduction lymphedema surgery

Speaker: Jaume Masia

02:35-02:50 Optimizing treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema using combined DIEP flap and lymphedema surgery

Speaker: Ed Chang

02:50-03:05 The role of reconstructive surgery for lymphedema: recent innovations

Speaker: JP Hong

03:05-03:20 Discussion

Panelists: Jaume Masia, JP Hong, Sinikka Suominen, Ed Chang, Yazan Masannat

 03:20-03:25 Mini Break

 Session II. Breast Radiotherapy (RT)

Chairs: Yazan Masannat, Omar Sherif Omar, Ashutosh Kothari

03:25-03:30 Introduction

Speakers: Ashutosh Kothari, Omar Sherif Omar

02:30-03:45 Breast cancer radiotherapy

Speaker: Eliot Sims

03:45-04:00 RT prehabilitation

Speaker: Naman Julka-Anderson

04:00-04:15 Revisional surgery after RT

Speaker: Marlene See

04:15-04:30 Breast reconstruction RT

Speaker: Victoria Rose

04:30-04:45 Oncoplastic breast surgery and RT

Speaker: Maggie Banys Paluchowski

 04:45-04:48 Closure

Speakers: Yazan Masannat, Ashutosh Kothari

 04:48-05:00 BREAK

 Oncoplastic Academy-Brazil

 05:00-05:03 Welcome Address

Speakers: Cícero Urban, Maurício Resende, Régis Paulinelli

 Session I. Principles of Oncoplastic Surgery

Chair: Tufi Hassan

05:04-05:05 Introduction

Speaker: Tufi Hassan

05:06-05:20 Oncoplastic surgery planning

Speaker: Maurício Resende

05:21-05:35 Round block mammoplasty

Speaker: Benigno Acea Nebril

05:36-05:50 Pedicles in oncoplastic surgery

Speaker: Fabricio Brenelli

05:51-06:20 Panel Discussion

Panelists: Francisco Abed, Gaston Berman, Jorge Alexander Rodriguez, Maurício Resende, Fabricio Brenelli

 06:21-06:25 Mini Break

 Session II. Advancements in Oncoplastic Surgery

Chair: José Parada 

06:26-06:28 Introduction

Speaker: José Parada 

06:29-06:43 Locoregional flaps and lipofilling for volume replacement

Speaker: Eduardo Gonzales

06:44-06:58 Geometric compensation mammoplasty

Speaker: Régis Paulinelli

06:59-07:13 Prevention and management of complications in oncoplastic surgery

Speaker: Cícero Urban

07:14-07:43 Panel discussion

Panelists: Fábio Bagnoli, Jaime Letzkus, Sonia Flores

 07:43-07:45 Closing Remarks

Speakers: Cícero Urban, Maurício Resende, Régis Paulinelli

 07:45-08:00 BREAK

 American Society of Breast Surgeons

 08:00-08:03 Chapter Opening

Speaker: Sunny Chatterjee

 Session I. DCIS: Part I

Chair: Sunny Chatterjee

08:03-08:05 Opening & Introduction

Speaker: Sunny Chatterjee

08:05-08:25 Fireside chat: Discussing DCIS

Moderator: Susan K. Boolbol

Speaker: Melvin Silverstein

08:25-08:40 DCIS margins assessment

Speaker: Judy C. Boughey

08:40-08:55 Sentinel lymph node biopsy indications in DCIS

Speaker: Jill Dietz

 08:55-09:00 Mini Break

 Session II. DCIS: Part II

Chair: Jill Dietz

09:00-09:05 Introduction

Speaker: Jill Dietz

09:05-09:20 DCIS: a Window to prevention

Speaker: Laura Esserman

09:20-09:35 Genomics in DCIS

Speaker: Shawna Willey

 09:35-09:40 Mini Break

 Session III. Challenges in DCIS

Moderators: Sunny Chatterjee, Susan K. Boolbol 

09:40-10:40 Case panel

Presenters: Arielle Stafford, Kay Yoon Flannery, Rosalinda Alvarado

Panelists: Claudine Isaacs, Meena Moran, Judy C. Boughey, Laura Esserman

 10:40-10:45 Wrap-Up & Closure

Speaker: Shawna Willey

 10:45-11:00 BREAK

 Breast Surgeons of Australia & New Zealand 

 Session I. Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: Techniques 

Chairs: Melanie Walker, Farid Meybodi

 11:00-11:05 Welcome to Country (Australia) & Opening Remarks

Speaker: Melanie Walker

 11:05-11:20 Implant reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix (ADM)

Speaker: Sanjay Warrier

11:20-11:35 Implant reconstruction with TiLoop mesh bra pocket

Speaker: Alex Brown

11:35-11:50 Do you always need mesh or ADM?

Speaker: James French

11:50-12:05 Panel discussion

Panelists: Melanie Walker, Farid Meybodi, Sanjay Warrier, Alex Brown, James French

 12:05-12:10 Mini Break

 Session II. Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: Complications and Revisions

Chairs: Elisabeth Elder, Alex Brown

 12:10-12:15 Introduction and Welcome to Country (New Zealand)

Speaker: Alex Brown  

 12:15-12:25 Australian breast device registry update

Speaker: Elisabeth Elder

12:25-12:40 Short-term complications postNSM or SSM with implant reconstruction

Speaker: Chilton Chong

12:40-12:55 Implant infection and implant salvage

Speaker: Farid Meybodi

12:55-13:10 Long-term implant-related complications

Speaker: Katherine Gale

13:10-13:20 Changing pocket from subpectoral to prepectoral implant reconstruction

Speaker: Yang Yang Huang

13:20-13:35 Fat graft in implant revisional surgery

Speaker: Cindy Mak

13:35-13:50 Panel discussion

Panelists: Elisabeth Elder, Alex Brown, Chilton Chong, Farid Meybodi, Katherine Gale, Yang Yang Huang, Cindy Mak

 13:50-13:55 Closing Remarks & Adjourn

Speakers: Melanie Walker, Farid Meybodi, Elisabeth Elder, Alex Brown, Yang Yang Huang

 13:55-14:00 BREAK

 Chinese Society of Breast Cancer

 14:00-14:05 Opening

Speaker: Jiong Wu

 14:05-14:30 Expert consensus on endoscopic approach for breast reconstruction

Moderator: Benlong Yang

Speaker: Zihan Wang

14:30-14:55 Tumor safety and aesthetic study of endoscopic breast reconstruction

Moderator: Benlong Yang

Speaker: Zhenggui Du

14:55-15:15 Is robotic surgery the future of breast surgery?

Speaker: Benjamin Sarfati

15:15-15:25 Discussion

Discussants: Li Chen, Li Zhu, Benjamin Sarfati

15:25-15:45 Benefits & Drawbacks: Multi-port robotic mastectomy

Speaker/Narrator: Hongwen Lai

15:45-16:00 Endoscopic breast-conserving surgery (Video)

Speaker/Narrator: Chao Ni

16:00-16:45 Round table discussion

Moderator: Benlong Yang

Panelists: Zihan Wang, Zhenggui Du, Junjie Li

 16:45-16:50 Closure

Speaker: Jiong Wu

 16:50-17:00 BREAK

 Association of Breast Surgeons of India

 17:00-17:03 Welcome

Speaker: SVS Deo

 Session I. Surgery Following Neoadjuvant Therapy (NAT)

Chairs: Anand Mishra, Chandra CK Naidu, Abhiram Maji

17:03-17:06 Introduction

Speakers: Anand Mishra, Chandra CK Naidu, Abhiram Maji

17:06-17:21 Neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer: When, why, and what?

Speaker: Vijay Devanhalli

17:22-17:37 Surgical planning, response assessment, localization, and excision of the primary following NAT

Speaker: Somashekhar SP

17:38-17:53 Management of axillary nodes following NAT

Speaker: Geeta Kadayaprath

17:53-17:57 Q&A / Discussion

 17:57-18:02 Mini Break

 Session II. Partial and Total Breast Reconstruction

Chairs: Navneet Kaur, Jayabal Pandiaraja

18:03-18:06 Introduction

Speakers: Navneet Kaur, Jayabal Pandiaraja

18:07-18:22 NAC-sparing mastectomy & implant-based reconstruction: Tips & tricks

Speaker: SVS Deo

18:23-18:38 Approach to central quadrant tumors

Speaker: Nita Nair

18:39-18:49 No doppler single position (NDSP) LICAP flap (Video)

Speaker: Ashutosh Mishra

18:50-18:54 Q&A / Discussion

 18:55-19:00 Mini Break

 Session III. Recent Advances

Chairs: Anjali Arvind Dawle, D Kadambari

19:01-19:04 Introduction

Speakers: Anjali Arvind Dawle, D Kadambari

19:05-19:15 Artificial intelligence in breast cancer: Reality check

Speaker: Krithika Rangarajan

19:16-19:26 De-escalation of breast cancer surgery

Speaker: Diptendra Sarkar

19:27-19:37 Recent advances in lymphedema management

Speaker: Rohit Kumar C

19:38-19:48 Role of fluorescence imaging in breast cancer

Speaker: Sanjit Agrawal

 19:49-19:51 Concluding Remarks

Speakers: SVS Deo, Navneet Kaur, Rohit Kumar C

 19:52-20:00 BREAK

 SENATURK / Hellenic Society of Breast Surgeons (EXEM)

Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology

 20:00-20:05 Chapter Opening

Speakers: Vasilis Venizelos, Omar Z. Youssef

 Session I. New Technology in Breast Cancer Management

Chairs: Kornilia Anastasakou, Andreas Karakatsanis

20:05-20:10 Introduction

Speakers: Kornilia Anastasakou, Andreas Karakatsanis

20:10-20:25 Liquid biopsy for the detection of ctDNA relapse in early breast cancer

Speaker: Michail Ignatiadis

20:25-20:40 Establishment of a novel tool toward personalized early breast cancer diagnosis

Speaker: Athanasios Armakolas

20:40-20:55 From replacement to repair: Tissue-engineered scaffolds for breast reconstruction

Speaker: Georgios Metaxas

20:55-21:05 Q&A / Discussion

Speakers: Kornilia Anastasakou, Andreas Karakatsanis, Michail Ignatiadis, Athanasios Armakolas, Georgios Metaxas,  Filippos Tourlomousis

 21:05-21:10 Mini Break

 Session II. Complications After Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Chairs: Hamdy El Marakby, Ahmed Touny

21:10-21:15 Introduction

Speakers: Hamdy El Marakby, Ahmed Touny

21:15-21:35 Managing complications in oncoplastic breast surgery

Speaker: Omar Z. Youssef

21:35-21:45 Q&A / Discussion

Speakers: Hamdy El Marakby, Ahmed Touny, Omar Z. Youssef

21:45-22:05 Complications of autologous breast reconstruction

Speaker: Mehmet Bayramicli

12:05-12:10 Q&A / Discussion

Speakers: Hamdy El Marakby, Ahmed Touny, Mehmet Bayramicli

 22:10-22:15 Mini Break

 Session III. Interactive Case Panels

22:15-22:35 Case 1: Axillary management after NST (with live voting)

Moderator: Hasan Karanlik

Panelists: Sana El-Sukhun, Karima Oualla, Hale B. Caglar, Alexandru Blidaru, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Nahid Nafissi, Thorsten Kuehn

22:35-22:55 Case 2: Primary tumor surgery in a patient with oligometastatic breast cancer (with live voting)

Moderator: Sophocles Lanitis

Panelists: Sana El-Sukhun, Karima Oualla, Hale B. Caglar, Alexandru Blidaru, Mohamed El-Shinawi, Nahid Nafissi, Thorsten Kuehn

 22:55-23:00 Chapter Closure

Speakers: Vasilis Venizelos, Omar Z. Youssef

 23:00 ADJOURN

Speakers: Breastics24h BoD Members