Dear Colleagues, 

On the behalf of Board of Directors, it is a pleasure to announce that next “Breastics24h” will be held on 23-24 September 2023. This project aims to attract general, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and gynecologists involved in the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. It is a sponsor-free global project involving nine specialty-specific bodies including societies, academies and web-based organizations from eight different meridians/time zones of the world. Group for Reconstructive and Therapeutic Advancements (GReTA, Italy), iBreastBook (UK), Oncoplastic Academy (OA)-Brazil, American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS), Breast Surgeons of Australia & New Zealand (BreastSurgANZ), Chinese Breast Cancer Society (CBCS), Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI), Senology Academy-Turkey (SENATURK) and Hellenic Society of Breast Surgeons (EXEM) are equal partners of this web-based initiative.   


The name “Breastics24h” stands for “Breast Oncoplastic Surgery around 24 hours”. So, this event will be an around-the-clock event following the daylight starting from Central Europe on 23 September 2023 Saturday at noontime UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), moving on to the West, making a full turn around the globe and finishing at Eastern Europe on 24 September 2023 Sunday at noontime UTC. The language of the meeting will be English and registration is free. These dates are specifically chosen for the audience’s convenience as they are equinox times where days and nights are almost equal at both the southern and northern hemispheres.

The aim of Breastics24h is to provide education to those who are at the beginning of their training in breast surgery. Since the definition of oncoplastic surgery covers two outcome measures as a whole which are adequate resection of cancer burden in the breast with acceptable and satisfactory cosmetic outcome after repairing the remaining gland, the objectives of this 24-hour event are to learn the basics of adequate excision and optimal repair methods without disregarding the cosmetic appearance of the breasts as a whole as well as to understand the principles of the holistic approach to the patients without neglecting their expectations on relevant grounds, but with avoiding unnecessary excess surgery.


Very eminent and highly experienced surgeons and faculty members from all around the world will take roles in this organization as tutors by giving lectures, demonstrating videos of different surgical techniques, communicating at structured panels, discussing different and interesting cases, performing role-plays and answering your questions. The core scope of the meeting will be indications, planning, shared decision-making, preparation for surgery, marking, surgical techniques, intraoperative problem-solving, immediate postoperative care, issues related to adjuvant treatments, complication prevention & management, critical thinking & long-term outcomes (oncological, cosmetic, quality-of-life & satisfaction).


We do hope to see you attending Breastics24h and meeting our global faculty next September. 


Board of Directors